A downloadable mod

Travel alongside Clactobelle the glowmoth, Kitchen Heptagon's hard-working action commentator! Clactobelle appears in my quasi-canonical fanfic series, Carbide Chef.


  • Encyclopedic knowledge of all (dry) cooking ingredients!
  • Lore-friendly backstory!
  • A fashionable parasol!
  • Microwave eye beams!

Note: by selecting Clactobelle as your travelling companion, you waive her of all liability for shooting you accidentally and repeatedly in the back with microwave eye beams.

Install instructions

Requires Caves of Qud to run.  Once you download the mod, extract the folder to C:\Users\[user]\AppData\LocalLow\Freehold Games\CavesOfQud\Mods. From there, you can enable the mod from the "Installed Mod Configuration" screen on the main menu of Caves of Qud.


Clactobelle_Pet.zip 9 kB


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i started playing caves of qud because i saw you made this mod. thank u very much for introducing me, but please help me find clactobelle! i installed the mod and qud says it's active. how can i find this  glowmoth ??